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Trans-Atlantic or Pacific

This may be where cruising all started.  In the Golden Age of steamships, the stylish jet set-before-jets didn't fly from London to New York or Halifax, they 'crossed'.  And steam liners became not just transportation between the centers of money, power and culture in the Old World and New World; the crossing became a stylish activity itself.

It's faster and a lot more comfortable to cruise the North Atlantic in modern, sumptuous cruise lines today.  But it still holds the glamour of the royalty, empire builders, movie stars and barons of business who sailed the same path back in the day.

On the other side of North America, Trans-Pacific routes link the West Coast's destinations to their counterparts in Asia, Hawaii, and Australasia.

With ports mainly – or entirely – at the beginning and the end of your cruise, it leaves you uninterrupted time to enjoy the relaxation of your ship, your reading materials, the company of your loved ones, the amenities and enrichment programs on board.  Learn a language, go stargazing, pick up a new skill or hobby… and arrive in splendor at your destination across the ocean.

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